Few Tiny Tales

The Housewife’s Horror Story The housewife was sitting in kitchen after scrubbing and cleaning the whole house. Her daughter came from outside running from front door to kitchen. The housewife looked lovingly at daughter’s face, body and stopped suddenly with horror . . . . . . . . . at the muddy feet. Money … More Few Tiny Tales

Paper Boat

Last night I dreamt I have turned into a paper boat. As a paper boat I was floating aimlessly and powerlessly on rain water, puddle water, clear water, muddy water, dirty water, gutter water, deep water, shallow water and many other waters. My OCD mind revolted while floating on the dirty water, gutter water and … More Paper Boat


Not so long ago there was a young girl or it might have been a boy. Anyway it doesn’t matter. Let’s call this person X and only for the sake of convenience let’s assign X female pronoun. X used to live in this small apartment without a window. Its size did not bother her so … More Window