Like A Dream

Navin gave a full throaty laugh to himself while filling his imaginary personal details in his new Facebook account. He could not remember when he had he last laughed this freely without any pretension. So Facebook was already making him happy. He was one of the rare persons who had not made a Facebook (FB) … More Like A Dream

The Endings

I could see another eager look from two tables away in the restaurant. I am used to now these eager looks and the awkward effort to talk and then the request to sign their copy of my book. And to think some people say, “reading book for pleasure is dead”. If I can be totally … More The Endings


Again John was having the “Rebel without a cause” thoughts and only difference was he had causes and some more causes. He hated the whole world not because the whole world is terrible but because his own world had always been cruel, unforgiving or even worse absolutely indifferent. He had spent almost all of his … More Home

The Myths of Xyz

0 Long long ago in a far away land lived a mighty warrior named Xyz (pronounced as Jeez). He was brave, just, clever marksman and talented swordfighter. Going by these attributes we may assume he was young, tall with great physic. He might have been all that but we don’t know for certain. In fact … More The Myths of Xyz

Few Tiny Tales

The Housewife’s Horror Story The housewife was sitting in kitchen after scrubbing and cleaning the whole house. Her daughter came from outside running from front door to kitchen. The housewife looked lovingly at daughter’s face, body and stopped suddenly with horror . . . . . . . . . at the muddy feet. Money … More Few Tiny Tales

Paper Boat

Last night I dreamt I have turned into a paper boat. As a paper boat I was floating aimlessly and powerlessly on rain water, puddle water, clear water, muddy water, dirty water, gutter water, deep water, shallow water and many other waters. My OCD mind revolted while floating on the dirty water, gutter water and … More Paper Boat


Not so long ago there was a young girl or it might have been a boy. Anyway it doesn’t matter. Let’s call this person X and only for the sake of convenience let’s assign X female pronoun. X used to live in this small apartment without a window. Its size did not bother her so … More Window