People die everyday all over the world, there’s nothing extraordinary in it. People die in natural disaster, man made disasters, accidents, diseases. Sometimes they die very far nameless and faceless; sometimes they are not that anonymous, they become number in whole statistics; some other times death happens close by and once in a while death … More DEATH: GRIEVING

Anti-Death: Immortality

Benjamin Franklin had said “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”. To some extent taxes can be avoided using various legal loopholes and can be evaded through illegal means but death can never be avoided nor evaded. Still, since the dawn of civilization human beings are fantasising, obsessing … More Anti-Death: Immortality

Death: Afterlife

Death is always so fascinating. Over the ages people have been intrigued by the question what happens after death. An atheist believes death is the end there is/most probably nothing after it. However, most of us never want to believe death is the final end. We don’t want to know for sure nothing has left … More Death: Afterlife

Death: The Dissection

I read somewhere, in the whole recorded history there were only 11 days when people were not fighting any war in any part of our planet. So, thousands years of history and 11 days of peace. Still an achievement! If history is studied carefully or not so carefully; it is apparent most of the conflicts … More Death: The Dissection