February Asked

I Just said adieu to my good friend February We have been through some I said “good bye my friend” February said “farewell my friend” I asked “do you ever feel sad?” February asked “why should I?” I said “you know the thing” February asked “I know what?” I said “you know the 28 days … More February Asked


There is a home far far away Sometimes I can visit there Travelling through time But prisoners can’t travel   Locked inside white walls White sheets and white beds White everything and white faces Some masks and tubes too Whispers and whispers everywhere Whispers looking for freedom From the long worn sad look From the … More Prisoners

Tell Me Please

The road is asymmetrical and out of control Nightmare of the OCD-man I heard him screaming loudly “Why? Why? Why? Tell me please.”   The problem is with unknown numbers of unknowns Intriguing and mockingly puzzling I heard the maths-woman asking intensely “How many equations we will need? Tell me please.”   Morality has owners … More Tell Me Please

The Rabbit

I I met him when I wandered away in the store It’s so easy to wander when there is no book in the store Anyway the rabbit was sitting on a shelf His long wobbly legs were hanging down And he was munching an orange carrot thoughtfully He said “hello there” It was strange because … More The Rabbit