TV Commercial

Oh what bliss it would be to live inside a TV commercial! Where people are always peppy and jovial They dance, they skip, they sing catchy tunes eternal They are pretty and handsome and normal Husband comes from office ecstatically happy at day fall Wife scrubs toilet looking fresh, poised, happy and regal Children run … More TV Commercial


Me Running running running Always from mind, running. Sometimes it’s time for rising Sometimes it’s time for falling But always running. Knees are bruising Feet might be bleeding But still running. Just when my heart is about to touch the line of finishing I can feel from behind the cold hand of mind touching Me.

The Scrolling Poem

Scrolling up, scrolling down   Refreshing screen but never the mind I am in the herd I am a friend Everything happens in my head Again scrolling up, again scrolling down   Recycling ideas since forever Sometimes on screen sometimes on paper Love is always around the corner Real life is only a blur Because … More The Scrolling Poem


Come into my world Walk a mile in my shoes Live my fear for a moment The darkness will travel beyond eyes and the night will be endless   Suffer a defeat from the unknown Cover up a black hole with a smile See my nightmares for an REM The darkness will travel beyond eyes … More MY JUDGMENTAL POEM