Dreams : Chronology of Dreams (The rise and fall of dreams)

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Do very small babies have dreams? They definitely see dreams in their sleep, which mother has not felt a taste of heaven by seeing a lingering smile on the face of her sleeping baby. But having a dream, I don’t know. May be they dream their mothers will hold them, nurse them whole day without doing anything else. May be they dream their Papas will take fewer pictures of them, family and friends of family will stop staring them to decide whom they resemble, strangers will stop poking them, they may be able to touch the toys hanging in the cradle. May be some more. With certainty we can only say if babies start talking some day with advancement of science.

After growing up a bit (say from 2 to 4 years of age) they may dream they can watch cartoon or whatever they like whole day without papa and mama changing the channel or they can eat chocolate and instant noodles whole day. It is so easy to dream when you are a small kid. This may be for various reasons. Firstly, you don’t think anything is impossible, for instance you can dream to become a dog because you think that is perfectly feasible. Secondly, your friends and family don’t laugh at your dreams. The more impossible your dream is the more awe inspiring you will be among your friends and the cuter will it be considered by your family. Thirdly, on practical side age is on your side, you really have lots of options.

Then you grow up a bit (from 4 to 8 years of age) and certain dreams will be eliminated. Suddenly you are aware somehow it is not possible to become a dog or an alien. However, you still think you can be a Spiderman you just need to find a radio active spider and the rest is as easy as pie. Your friends and family start having a faint smile (if not a full on laugh) at some of your dreams hence you start feeling hesitation and even shy talking about some dreams. For instance when everyone clearly can see you have two left feet you are scared of saying you can be a dancer. And after some time the dream of becoming a dancer is totally off your list.

This is just the beginning of fall of dreams. For some unfortunate souls this leads finally to total absence of dreams, and curse of an empty and hollow life.

Then comes the pre-teen or tween years (from 8 to 12 years of age) and may be the first step towards adulthood. You and your parents start taking your career and studies pretty seriously.

As a teenager you almost stop dreaming out of the box. May be there are a few ones which are not really unrealistic it’s just you want to be a singer instead of engineer or you want to take languages instead of sciences. Most of the times these dreams are crushed by elders without any remorse. Very few teenagers and/or their parents are brave enough to go in the untrodden path, to follow the dream of heart. Given all kinds of hardship and impossible to achieve scenario generally teenagers won’t even accept it themselves forget about telling others about out of box kinds of dreams.

Then comes twenties. The most crucial now or never time in one’s life. Career is all that you think. A career to save yourself or your family or the world. You may also think about finding an ideal partner and settling down. No time for frivolous dreaming. It’s time for practical dreams.

contd in Dreams : Chronology of Dreams (The fall and fall of dreams)


5 thoughts on “Dreams : Chronology of Dreams (The rise and fall of dreams)

  1. Wow this is great….But i always wonder how we have such weird dreams(like me finding kryptonite in eiffel tower lol)…..our brain is really creative isn’t it??

  2. Awe-inspiring , true to d core , very eloquently put down . My fav. so far . You r on d path to awesomeness . Way to go !

  3. “May be they dream their Papas will take fewer pictures of them, family and friends of family will stop staring them to decide whom they resemble, strangers will stop poking them” – My favorite! Great job! (I am sorry I’ve run outta words today) BUT simply great! I can only imagine the awesome trajectory of your mind, it travels so many places and all too well!

  4. been there .. done that ! ! this was great jeeta 🙂 so many dreams .. and so less time … though in my 20’s i am not settled in my life …this makes me think

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